Relax, content protection is now easy and affordable

PallyCon is a content protection service which supports multi browsers and platforms.

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PallyCon for OTT

Servicing block buster movies on multi screens? Approved by five major Hollywood studios, protect your premium contents with PallyCon OTT.

PallyCon for EDU

No need to develop mobile application or web player for e-learning service. PallyCon EDU provides all of the functionality and security required for online education.

PallyCon SD

Secured offline delivery of multimedia content via SD card. No need to build online service for content business.


What is PallyCon?


PallyCon Cloud Service

A quick and easy solution which can be integrated with any content service. OVP feature is also available.


PallyCon Player and SDK

DRM Player and client library to support various platforms and use cases. (PC Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)


Additional features

PallyCon has various additional features such as Output Protect Manager, ePub support and SD card protection.

PallyCon for OTT

Content protection for online movie service sites. Approved by major Hollywood studios.

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PallyCon for EDU

Provides pre-integrated DRM Player for online education services. No need to develop mobile application or web player.

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PallyCon SD

Offline content distribution and online serial activation. Perfect solution for offline content delivery without developing service application.

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Why PallyCon?

Unified DRM for multi-screen and multi-browser service. PlayReady, Widevine and NCG DRM supported.


Easy integration

With PallyCon cloud service and PallyCon Player, it is easy to integrate DRM to your content service. Visit PallyCon developer site to check how to do it in a day!

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Affordable price

Worried about cost of DRM solution? PallyCon provides affordable monthly plan suitable for most SMBs. Check out the service with free trial for two months.

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Premium protection

Looking for protection of studio contents? PallyCon SDK provides premium protection approved by Hollywood studios. PallyCon Output Manager is also available to protect TV output.

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PallyCon SDK

PallyCon SDK can be provided to support in-house application development, usually for OTT service provider. PallyCon PC SDK support Windows and Mac OS X, while PallyCon Mobile SDK support iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

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PallyCon Player

PallyCon Mobile Player is DRM media player application available on App Store and Google Play. No application development is required if you integrate PallyCon Player with your service site.

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ePub support

For ebook service, PallyCon ePub solution is also available. PallyCon ePub viewer is mobile ePub viewer SDK which supports PallyCon DRM.

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