True end-to-end content security workflow
Protect your content in a cloud-based content workflow with PallyCon Forensic Watermarking and Multi-DRM service INKA Entworks' PallyCon is a cloud-based SaaS which provides multi-DRM and forensic watermarking for online
Overview   PallyCon Multi-DRM Service can be easily integrated with various HTML5 web players via 'Encrypted Media Extensions(EME)' and 'MPEG Common Encryption(CENC)' specifications. Using HTML5 web player with PallyCon Multi-DRM, you can
Protecting Audio Content with PallyCon Multi-DRM: Part 2
In the last post, we found out the historical background and the need for audio DRM. In this post, we will learn to more about Protecting content with Multi-DRM.  
Meet PallyCon at NAB Show 2019
INKA Entworks will participate in NAB SHOW 2019 and introduce PallyCon cloud based Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking. Stop by our Booth #SU6605 (in South Upper Hall) at NAB show 2019
AWS SPEKE API integration with PallyCon
Early last year (2018), we announced the API integration between PallyCon multi-DRM service and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As AWS officially announces the release of the Secure Packager and Encoder

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