Protecting Audio Content with Multi-DRM - PallyCon
Audio content seemed to be forgotten due to the popularity of video content. But it is in the spotlight again. As paid audio content and platforms grow, there is a growing
Introducing PallyCon DR(Disaster Recover) system
The stability of online services based on cloud platforms has emerged as a major issue due to the massive failure of the AWS Seoul region in November last year. Traditionally,
PallyCon case study : vidio(KMK online)
Protecting large-scale live streaming channels with scalable and easy-to-use multi-DRM SaaS   Background: Running a media platform on AWS KMK Online is a subsidiary of Emtek which operates free-to-air television
PallyCon case study : Lotte CultureWorks SEECHU
  Business Lotte Cultureworks' SEECHU needed a solution capable of launching on-line integration services that encompass theaters and OTT platforms.   Challenge Strong security and watermarking for simultaneous on-line and off-line
PallyCon case study : pooq
PallyCon Multi DRM is protecting premium contents of Pooq service.   The Content Alliance Platform, which operates an online video service ‘pooq’, has selected Inka Entworks’ PallyCon Multi DRM service

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