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No more annoying ActiveX and plug-in installations!
You can launch your e-learning service right away with simple integration process.


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Good e-learning service needs good e-learning player

Problem #1

Inconvenient ActiveX, plug-in installation

Problem #3

Media can only be played in limited environment

Problem #2

Illegal duplication of content

Problem #4

Unstable media player
Are you currently preparing or servicing an online learning service?

With PallyCon Edu, you can provide a better learning service for your students.

PallyCon Edu is an easy-to-use, fast, and a secure E-Learning player that is optimized to online education
For students with upcoming tests, every second counts!
PallyCon Edu can provide a better user experience, and lectures can be played on any device, OS, and browser.

The main features of PallyCon EDU:

PallyCon Edu has the security features to prevent illegal duplication, while being able to conveniently distribute your content.

Service integration is easy and fast

With cloud-based servicing, a simple integration is all it takes for you to start your service.

A media player optimized for education

PallyCon EDU provides essential features for learning, such as Multi-browser, multi-OS, playback speed control, LMS, bookmarking, and etc.

Affordable pricing

PallyCon EDU has affordable pay-as-you-go price plans.

An HTML5-based media player that requires no installation

Using the latest HTML5 technology, DRM streaming service on a web browser is possible without any ActiveX or plug-in installation.

Powerful content security

PallyCon EDU features a powerful DRM technology that is recognized by hundreds of domestic E-Learning companies and Hollywood studios.

Supports multi-browsers and multi-platforms

Supports various platforms such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Windows, and Mac.

How PallyCon EDU Works

The following is a technical explanation of PallyCon EDU.

Content Packaging
Content Encryption 
After transcoding your source contents, you may encrypt the contents using PallyCon packager.
License Management
The encryption keys are safely stored on PallyCon Cloud server.
Content Distribution
The encrypted content is then sent to the users through the CDN services.
Content Playback & License Delivery
To play an encrypted content, the license needs to be requested according to the PallyCon Player (HTML5 Player, Android/iOS Player) guide.


PallyCon Player requests the licensing information that’s required for playback to the PallyCon cloud server. PallyCon cloud server then authenticates the Callback page that is registered internally for user verification and issues the license.


All policies for playback (device control, limited term usage, unlimited use, etc.) can be implemented and applied through the Callback page.

PallyCon EDU Player Demo

You can experience the demo of PallyCon EDU on mobile and PC.

PallyCon EDU Pricing / Plan

PallyCon Edu’s quality service is available at reasonable pricing. Free trials are also available.


Usage Period:
2 Months
Active Users: 30 Users

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0.4 Million Won / Monthly
1,000 Active Users
PallyCon Player Provided

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2 Mil. Won / Monthly
10,000 Active Users
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* VAT Charged Separately / Additional charges will incur for additional devices.
* Device Quantity : The quantity of user devices that received DRM issuance in a given month.
* Exclusive Player : A premium player with customized branding.

PallyCon EDU – Clients and Case Study

Many education services are currently being provided through PallyCon Edu.
Please check out the notable clients of PallyCon EDU and their case studies.

Case #1


For seamless playback of services like EBS Middle School Premium, EBS TV Middle School, and EBS Jobs, the PallyCon Exclusive Player is EBS’s choice. With stable servicing and various features for the students’ convenience, PallyCon Exclusive Player has been recognized for achieving customer satisfaction.

Case #2


Through PallyCon Exclusive Player, the leading secondary education institution Etoos has recently launched and is servicing a stable mobile service that features the best HD quality varied-speed playback.

Case #2


Through PallyCon Exclusive Player, the leading secondary education institution Etoos has recently launched and is servicing a stable mobile service that features the best HD quality varied-speed playback.

Case #3

Siwon School

Siwon School, the experts in foreign language education for adults, has recently restructured their mobile solution to PallyCon. Siwon School currently offers high quality education services through Siwon School’s exclusive study application.

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