A fast and easy multi-DRM solution for online movie service

Multi DRM Solution
Don’t stress over establishing multi-DRM.
PallyCon’s muiti-DRM can make it happen easy and fast.

Hollywood studios have high security standards, and to establish multi-DRM on your own requires a lot of time and development resources.

Problem #1

Hollywood film industry’s high security standards.

Problem #3

Various compatibility issues.

Problem #2

The high cost of time and resources to establish multi-DRM on your own.

Problem #4

Excessive cost in building DRM
Are you currently searching for a multi-DRM solution for your online movie services?

You can take care of the problems above with PallyCon OTT

PallyCon OTT is the solution for establishing and integrating complex DRM.
For online movie services, DRM(PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay Streaming) is a necessity, which PallyCon provides through cloud-based service.


Not only that, PallyCon offers solutions that can’t be resolved with multi-DRM, such as supporting outdated OS or download scenario.

The Main Features of PallyCon OTT:

PallyCon OTT offers superb security that prevents illegal duplication of film contents,
and convenience in content distribution.

Multi-DRM application is made easy and fast

PallyCon OTT makes complex multi-DRM integration simple.

HD certification-ready for Hollywood’s studios

With the application of platform native DRM, servicing movie contents in HD quality is made possible.

Standard support for HTML5

Even without ActiveX or Plug-in installations, security for video contents is achieved through web browsers.

Supplements for Multi-DRM’s limitation

Typical multi-DRM falls short by being unable to support outdated OS, but PallyCon OTT fixes this by using proprietary DRM.

Provides a unified interface

Each interface provided by different DRM can be integrated using a single API.

Supports download scenario

By adding a download feature to the multi-DRM technology limited to streaming, PallyCon OTT fulfills the broader needs of the users.

How PallyCon OTT Works

The following is a technical explanation of PallyCon EDU.

Content Packaging
Content Encryption
After transcoding your source contents, you may encrypt the contents using PallyCon packager.
License Management
The encryption keys are safely stored on PallyCon Cloud server.
Content Distribution
The encrypted content is then sent to the users through the CDN services.
Content Playback & License Delivery
To play an encrypted content, the Player APP must be developed by using the PallyCon SDK (Android/iOS/PC).


PallyCon SDK requests the licensing information that’s required for playback to the PallyCon Multi-DRM server. PallyCon Multi-DRM server then authenticates the Callback page that is registered internally for user verification and issues the license that corresponds to the DRM type of each device.


All policies for playback (device control, limited term usage, unlimited use, etc.) can be implemented and applied through the Callback page.

PallyCon OTT Demo

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PallyCon OTT Pricing / Plan

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